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Platinum Hydrowhey

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder to Build Muscle
Enables Muscles to Rebuild Quickly with No Excess Fat or Cholesterol

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Product Description

Platinum hydro whey is the fastest, purest, most advanced whey protein we’ve ever developed. In a word: excellence. By hydrolyzing the protein in this premium formula we’ve created our fastest-acting whey protein yet. Hydrolyzing breaks larger proteins down into smaller pieces that are able to get into your system rapidly enabling your muscles to start rebuilding quickly. For added effectiveness, we’ve also enhanced this revolutionary formula with digestive enzymes and micronized branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). In addition to being fast, platinum hydro whey is also ultra-pure. That’s because it’s made entirely with hydrolyzed whey protein Isolates. So there’s no excess fat, cholesterol, or lactose to slow down your progress.

From the Manufacturer

Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates

Platinum Hydrowhey is ON’s most advanced whey protein yet. This pinnacle of protein is made entirely with ultra-pure Whey Protein Isolates which have been Hydrolyzed to break larger proteins down into smaller pieces. Hydrolyzing helps the protein get into your system rapidly, so your muscles can start recovering from heavy training.

But ON didn’t stop there. Each serving of this ultra-pure and rapidly digesting formula has been dialed up with added micronized Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), bringing the total of naturally occurring and added BCAAs to 8.8 grams per serving. To underscore Platinum Hydrowhey’s reputation for uncompromising quality, the powder has also been instantized to mix effortlessly in water, milk and other beverages with complementary flavors. No shaker cup required. Just use a glass and spoon.

  • Made with Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates for Fast Delivery
  • 30 Grams of Ultra-Pure Protein per Serving
  • Nearly 9 Grams of Naturally Occurring & Added Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine (BCAAs)
  • Just 1 Gram of Fat & Less Than 1 Gram of Sugar per Serving
  • Instantized to Mix Easily with a Spoon
The Brand You Trust For Quality

Optimum Nutrition (ON) was founded in 1986 with a mission to set higher standards for the sports nutrition industry. As one of the few manufacturers to own and operate state-of-the-art production facilities that are GMP compliant, ON’s commitment to quality is uncompromising. You’ll appreciate the extra effort the industry leader puts into assuring ingredient purity, effortless mixing and exceptional taste.



High-Performance Protein

Platinum Hydrowhey is a single-source protein made exclusively with pure Whey Isolates that have had much of the fat, lactose and other undesirable components ‘isolated’ out. These isolates are then hydrolyzed, or broken down, into smaller components to help with rapid absorption.


Added Micronized BCAAs

Although whey is an excellent source of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids we dialed up this high-performance formula with micronized BCAAs to bring the total to 8.8 grams per serving.


Optimal Usage Occasions

Before cardio or weight training to help spare muscle tissue and 30 to 45 minutes after training to help kick-start recovery.


From the manufacturer

  Platinum Hydrowhey Gold Standard Whey Performance Whey
100% Whey Protein
Protein 30g 24g 22g
Calories 140 120 160
Fat 1g 1g 4g
Carbohydrates 2g 3g 9g


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