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APN Crea Fuel APN Creafuel Creatine provides fuel to the body builders and serious gym goers. They need extra energy building supplements for the body as they have regular and consistent body wear and tear that needs to be repaired and built up. APN Creafuel Creatine helps in providing them faster absorption and high energy production for their high intensity workouts. APN Creafuel Creatine contains micronized Creatine monohydrate that supplies tons of energy to the body when required. Creatine supplements are in vogue these days as they are used by athletes, body builders, and fitness freaks all over the world, who wish to gain muscle mass and strength. Features And Benefits It provides strength to the muscles It helps in building endurance. It provides continuous energy to the heavy weight workouts. It helps in controlling metabolism. It is absolutely natural and has no side effects.